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Bldbox is a software that provides land owners, developers, investors and real estate brokers with powerful solutions to evaluate the best use of land.

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About BldBox

In 2017, we developed a modeling engine that evaluates the residual land value of a parcel for all its permissible uses; providing a simple answer to the question; how good is this development opportunity?

Using advanced AI architecture, Bldbox provides real estate professionals and industry players with a new, more efficient way to quickly conduct market research and determine the viability of a project. Capable of running thousands of iterations on a property in a matter of seconds, Bldbox’s AI provides users with a zoning code compliant building design that provides the highest financial return; redefining real estate, from the ground up.

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The Industry

Despite an overwhelming need within the industry, commercial real estate has been slow to adopt new technologies. We recognized an opportunity to embrace technology and redefine the industry standard.

At Bldbox, we realized that by creating a platform for AI within the real estate industry we could present a tool that does more than simply provide information. When we created Bldbox, we wanted to create an application that truly informed decision by making a recommendation

Our Solution

Research Efficiency

Quickly determine and visualize zoning codes, building codes, permitted/conditional uses and suggested project types.

Creative Control

Easily navigate our maps overlay and find a location that interests you and determine the true value of a project before any major investment

Highest and Best Use

Customize your desired financial return, adjust rents, relax or tighten assumptions and let Bldbox show you the most valuable use of your property

Bldbox Platform

Building Model

Every project in Bldbox generates a building model that encodes all major aspects of a building. By accounting for dimension, shape, number of stories, position on the parcel, materials and floor layouts etc., the algorithm can generate almost any possible building that can be constructed while simultaneously calculating for the set of parameters that produce an optimal result from economical point of view.

Building Compliance

The optimization process described above should produce a building that is zoning and building code compliant. We use publicly available information that defines setback requirements, number of parking places, usable open spaces and other restrictions to compile a software utility able to verify every building against the Codes and say which rule is violated.

Market data

In calculating the highest and best use, Bldbox estimates the costs of construction as well as project income. Using current and historic market data, we can accurately forecast 16, project specific, CSI divisional breakdowns to produce very accurate hard cost predictions. We can calculate projected income so accurately because Bldbox calculates exactly what kind of units we have, their square footage and how they are positioned. This deeper level of analysis allows Bldbox to produce estimates more accurately than methods based on massing techniques alone. Embracing technology to redefine the industry standard.

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